Choosing A Vaporizer

Q: Are all of the vaporizers compatible with smoking cannabis? 

A: We don’t encourage our customers to use the vaporizer for marijuana but we understand that once you buy our product you are free to do whatever you please. Not all vaporizers are compatible with herbal blends, you have to read the description for the vaporizer you like. It’ll tell you about Product features or below on the “Additional Info” tab.

Q: What Is a Vaporizer?

A: A device used to crystalize active ingredients in the herbs, oils and waxes without any combustion. Conduction or Convection is how it achieves this point. 

Q: How is vaporizers healthier than smoking?

A: Vaporizers provide a healthy benefit instead of smoking. You aren’t ever burning your substance since it is heated at a much lower temperature. This allows your product to transform into vapor without it ever burning your material so you get a smooth, clean, carcinogen free pull every time, reducing risk of damage to your cardiovascular system. 

Q: How do I know which vaporizer is best for my needs?

A: Do you want a dry vaporizer, oil vaporizer, wax vaporizer? Portable? Desktop? Pen Style? Digital or Non-Digital? Read everything you need to know about vaporizers -> Vaporizer Buyer Guide, you’ll be able to find which of our vaporizers is the perfect match for you.

Q: What’s the difference between conduction & Convection?

A: Conduction vaporizations puts your blends in direct contact with the heating element. Convection occurs when hot air passes over the blend and never touches the heating source.

Q: Are Vaporizers Loud and Annoying? 

A: Most vaporizers are quite and don’t have to much noise. The desktop vaporizers that force air and use a fan to fill balloons, you can hear the fan but it isn’t loud at all, you’d hardly notice. 

Q: Do I Get a Warranty? 

A: Every vaporizers come with a manufacturers warranty policy. Most of the vaporizers we have for sale come with at least a 1 year Warrant, however, many come with a lifetime Warranty. You can find out the Warranty information by clicking on your products “Additional Info” Tab. 

Q: Do Vaporizers create smell?

A: In most cases you would have to have a dogs nose to smell anything. Sometimes you might smell something similar to light burning popcorn but most of the time it’s odorless.


Vaporizer Accessories

Q: What is a “Whip”?

A: The “Whip” is a vaporizer accessory that comes in three different pieces – mouthpiece, tubing & wand. You use the mouthpiece to inhale the vapor. Tubing generally is around 3 feet long which it is made from durable silicone or vinyl. The vapor travel through the tubing while you’re inhaling. The last piece is the wand and it’s the most important part made from durable glass which utilizes a screen for storing/using your blends that connects with the heating element to your vaporizer. 

Q: How Often Should I Change/Replace My Balloon? 

A: Made out of glass, you have the mouthpiece and whip. You must clean them every few months with Agent Orange, Orange Chronic or any other household remedy such as alcohol agents. Even though you can use those chemicals for the tubing as well, we recommend you replace it with a brand new tube. After around 100 uses, you have to replace the balloon bag since you can’t clean it. It is very important you maintain cleaning your vaporizers after every use for optimal performance. 

Q: How Do I Change The Screen? 

A: Since vaporizers use all different size screen, you need to make sure you know the correct size of your screen so you order the correct one. Changing your screen usually requires some sort of skill. You have to get a pointy tool to poke the screen out such as a paper clips. That’s the easy part. Adding the new screen is the hard part. You just need patience and a small tool to position the new screen inside the glass wand. Use your tool to push the screen into the proper position where it can lay relatively flat that hold your blends. 

Q: What type of Add-ons should I purchase with my Vaporizer? 

A: It depends what type of vaporizer you purchase. Most of the vaporizers come with a kit and all the accessories and the product listings have upgrade and add on features in the cart. Our product descriptions show what parts you need and it would be smart to research and make sure you know what type of parts you need to buy. 

Q: How Do I Convert My Oil Vaporizer into an Herbal Vaporizer? 

A: Most of our vaporizers are compatible with herbal blends but a selection of our oil vaporizers as well as wax ones have specific cartridges and attachments that either are included to make it a versatile vaporizer, or come as an upgrade. 

Q: Are all whips compatible with any vaporizer?

A: No. Most vaporizers utilize a 18mm ground glass connection. However, there are a few (like the Vapor Brothers) that utilize a different size connection.



Q: Why Am I Not Seeing Any Smoke?

A: What do you mean? There’s no smoke when you vaporize, you just are asking why you aren’t producing those thick vapor clouds. Your vaporizer isn’t set up to produce very thick clouds unless you have temperature control settings. Even if it isn’t a big enough cloud to suit your visualization, trust me, the vapor will do its job. Vaporizing increases potency over 85%, not only that, it filters out 95% of all carcinogens. The higher the temperature, the more vapor you’ll emit.

Q: Why Aren’t there any ashes?

A: Your blends will never burn or go to the point of combustion. After you are done vaporizing, you should still have very dried up, less bright herbal material. As you’re putting blends at a lower temperature, they never burn. The THC or your product will crystallize to where you just inhale the intended ingredients. 

Q: Why Won’t my pen vaporizer heat up? Is it Locked? 

A: You must know, read the instructions and manual carefully before using your vaporizer! We aren’t responsible for the damages you create for misusing the vaporizer. Most pen vaporizers come with lock mechanism. This is utilized so that your unit doesn’t unintentionally heat up while in your pocket purse. To Unlock/lock, press the button 3-5 times in rapid succession.

Q: Will I get bigger clouds if I turn up the Temperature? 

A: Yes, turning up the temperature will produce more dense, thick clouds to give you a better visualization experience. 

Using A Vaporizer

Q: What is the perfect temperature for Vaporization?

A: It depends on the thickness of the materials, the type and texture. Depending on what vaporizer it is, generally 335 – 385 degrees Fahrenheit is the vaporization temperature to use. You should note, put the blends loosely into the chamber so the heat can evenly distribute through the herbs so you get even hits. Oils and waxes vaporize at a higher temperature.

Q: How Long is the wait to reach the vaporization point?

A: Most pen vaporizers take 5 seconds to heat up but it all depends what type of vaporizer you buy. Generally you can say it’ll be 2-4 minute wait until it reaches the desired vaporization temperature. 

Q:  Should I grind my Herbs?

A: Yes, you should always grind your materials before you add them into the chamber. You want the heat to evenly distribute throughout all the material so it is weighted evenly. 

Q: When Should I Clean The Vaporizer? How Do You Do It?

A: You will want to use most alcohol based home cleaners to loosen up the residue and kill any potential bacteria. Orange Chronic and Agent Orange are the best to use but any home cleaner with alcohol will work well. Taking apart some of the pieces will have to do, you want to clean with Q-Tips and cotton to get the hard to reach areas. Small brushes or glass cleaning solution will work perfect for the screens. Cleaning after every use will ensure the longevity of your vaporizer to maintain optimal performance. 

Q: How Do You Know When The Blends Are Done? 

A: Once the vapor production slows down you can figure that your blends are used up. Anything more you’ll need more heat which risks the point of combustion. It’ll look brownish and very dry once it is done. Lots of people save the herbs to make as an herb for a cooking experiment or to add the spice in tonight family dinner. 

Q: How To Load Waxes / Oils?

A: Use a dabber tool to load the oils and waxes. The dabber tool will give you more precision to add onto the chamber so you don’t spill it or fill it in the wrong areas from using your clumsy hands. 

Q: Best Way To Inhale The Vapor?

A: Calmly inhale, hold it in as long as you can or you can relax, inhale/exhale like a cigarette. You’ll get the greatest hits off the deep pulls and long holds.

Q: Should I Charge The Batteries After I’ve Opened The Box & I’ve Received my Vaporizer?

A: When you get your vaporizer, make sure you connect the batteries on the charger. The manufacturer doesn’t always charge all the batteries to full potential. You want to make sure you have maximum performance, especially using it for the first time. 

Q: How Should I Pack The Herbs In The Chamber?

A: It is best to pack the herbs loosely in the chamber so the heat can evenly distribute throughout the heating chamber so you get full, even hits and your herbs vaporize on time. 

Q: Does every vaporizer come with an instruction manual? 

A: Most of the vaporizer should come with the manual. We’ve been told by some that the DaVinci didn’t come with a manual. Most vaporizers are easy to use and there’s plenty of information out there to where we recommend you research the device you buy, especially before you buy it. 

Cheap Vapor Therapy

Q: How Long Does Shipping Take?

A: Shipping is usually pretty quick, the thing that takes most of the time is processing. But when you placed an order you generally will get a tracking number within 24-48 hours. Depending on the priority you purchase, FREE shipping takes 3-7 days to arrive depending on your location. We Ship through UPS and USPS and always provide a tracking number.  Read Shipping Policy

Q:  What Is Your Refund Policy? 

A: We accept returns if the product is unused and unopened within 14 days following your order. You have to send it back for a full refund (less a 15% restocking fee and free shipping costs). You must report to us if any items are broken or missing within 48 hours of delivery. Read Return Policy

Q: How Come I Got A Tracking Number That Says “No Information”?

A: Don’t worry, your order was just processed and recorded online through UPS or USPS. Their system hasn’t updated yet most likely cause the order was configured into their system afterhours. Don’t panic, the information will show the next day. 

Q: How Long Does It Take For Someone To Answer My Questions if it isn’t listed on here? 

A: All you have to do is email us through our contact form and within minutes to an hour you’ll receive a response. All our paid employees have notification alerts on their cell phones, TV and desktop. Any Question or Concern will be seen within minutes even if we are at the North Pole or in the Amazon Jungle.

Q: I Don’t see the Vaporizer I’m looking for listed, do you guys not have it?

A: Since we are a fairly new company, our employees are working on the site daily to add new products. All you have to do is contact us and let us know what type of vaporizer you want. We have every single vaporizer you see online at other stores, it just isn’t listed on our website yet but I can assure you, it will.

Q: Do you guys have the lowest prices?

A: We did a good job to make sure our prices were lower than our main competitors. If you see prices drastically lower than our, chances are they’re knock-off, Chinese made vaporizers that look like name brand devices. You should beware, especially on eBay of these criminals that will try to rip you off. Shopping at CheapVaporTherapy.Com, we ensure smooth, safe transactions and 100% authentic, name brand vaporizers that always come with a manufacturers warranty.