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Firefly 2_ Smokers Flying Away from Smoking

Firefly 2: Smokers Flying Away from Smoking

When you laid your eyes on one of the first original Firefly Vapes, you’ll imagine it like a classic bright red car like a ’65 Ford Mustang or a Karmann Ghia. The short feeling you can experience include a picture of shiny chrome bumpers and radiant red paint perfectly polished, reminding you how good the sunshine is and the call of the beach is drawing. Of course, this happens prior to packing your weed and before you get stoned.  


More Than the Aesthetic Sense 

While it is easy to get lost imagining what the Firefly vape looks like, we always wanted a daily driver with consistency, reliability, power, and speed, more than just simply relying on the dazzling looks. The original Firefly vaporizer delivers remarkably well in this aspect and the beautiful red paint was actually just a cherry on top. Moreover, this device obtains glowing reviews from the majority of vape heads, regularly appearing on the lists of top portable vaporizers’ reviewers. 


Drawbacks of the Original Firefly Unleashed 

Of course, like any other vaporizer, nothing is perfect. We noticed that the original Firefly is heavier than other vape handhelds. It weighs at nearly 280 grams. The hot air convection heating method is innovative but not foolproof. It actually requires learning some technique to attain optimal vaping such as preheating and stirring the bowl on occasion.  

In addition, the instructions do not offer such advice. However, one major concern is about the batteries. The power only reaches up to two dozen tokes prior requiring a recharge. The device’s battery, based on customer reviews, untimely failed a lot of vape users, requiring a costly replacement. 


Why Firefly 2 Weed Vape Stands Out 

Here comes the Firefly 2 Weed Vaporizer that comes with a Gorilla Glass, used on the underside of the device’s faceplate. The bottom of the Firefly chamber has a metal plate with about 55 small laser-drilled holes. Indeed, the Firefly 2 vape is an incredible improvement from the original. Once you get yours, you’ll surely immediately fell in love with it.  

It is half the weight at 140 grams as compared to the original Firefly. It measures 5″ x 1.6 x 0.8 inches, and it’s compact, about 1/3 smaller as compared to the first generation. It is easy to hold and comfortable to use. The materials and make feel solid and strong. It looks like a dapper and the heating chamber is visible through the glass porthole right in the magnetic faceplate. 

The body of the Firefly 2 Weed Vaporizer is made of die-cast magnesium alloy. It is 1/3 lighter as compared to the aluminum chassis from its predecessor. Similar to capacitive buttons, its magnesium casing seemingly adopted its design from cell phone manufacturers. The alloy results to thinner walls with detailed die casting. Generally, it has a lower thermal transfer rate as compared to aluminum. It can get warmer than the Firefly 1 yet still not warm in your hand. 


Vapor Quality and General Performance 

The user interface of the Firefly 2 is simple to use. If you want to fire it up, hold the Firefly 2 with your thumb with one opposing finger just touching the buttons on either side. It is really cool without the hard press on a button. This is the same capacitive sensing we find in smartphones. That’s why most user feedback about the Firefly 2 directs to the great improvement on the touch-button interface, promoting safe use and eliminating the power switch from previous versions. 

Once activated, it takes about five seconds for the glass chamber to heat up. It glows orange that shines through the grooves carved in the two corners of the Firefly 2 unit’s main body. You can literally run hotter air with more holes from this device, having 55 tiny laser-drilled holes for smoother air flow. This is crucial because pulling hot air through the herb or convection heating always results in “temperature gradient”, wherein some parts get hotter. Bowl stirring is always a good idea both for older and newer Firefly versions because the glass bowl has a lower thermal conductivity as compared to metal.  


New Materials Used in Firefly 2 

Nichrome wire, a nickel-chrome alloy is not used like what is found in almost all vaporizers’ heating coils. The undisclosed and new material that the manufacturer used in the heating coil, fortunately, doesn’t suffer similar issues like nichrome. The new material actually creates an oxidation layer, adding weight to the coil. 

The thin sheet of Gorilla Glass found on the underside of the faceplate, creating a glass air path when it’s magnetically attached. It enables the LED light to pass through the main body. It is also easier to clean than older versions. On the other hand, the batteries have been upgraded. They can last twice longer than the first-generation Firefly Vapes, with two batteries that come in the box. You can maintain your vaping pose should one battery fails. The Firefly 2 Weed Vaporizer includes a practical and convenient USB-powered docking station. It means no plugging a cable into a hole anymore, just set your Firefly 2 vape atop the charger. 


More Enjoyable and Flavorful Hash Oil Vaping 

When using the Firefly 2, just remove the faceplate, then fill the heating chamber up to the rim with your favorite coarse-ground herb and lightly tamp down. Ensure that your finger touches the two capacitive buttons. Just wait for 3 to 6 seconds to turn the LED solid green. 

When vaping hash oil, just press one of the stainless-steel concentrate pads, dabbing a little hash oil on it. Take 5 to 10 quick puffs and you’ll get going, then draw as normal. If you prefer higher temperatures, you can use a smartphone app to change heat settings. The capacitive button controls can be changed so the device turns on in just a single button. 


Final Thoughts 

Indeed, Firefly 2 Vapes are portable vaporizers. The Firefly 2 Weed Vaporizer creates cool and flavorful vapor, handling oil and flowers perfectly. It looks great and functions excellently, making Firefly 2 a very good investment. 

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