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Atmos Transporter


Materials Vaporizer

  • 1- Transporter Vaporizer
  • 1- Rubber Piece
  • 1- Mouthpiece cap
  • 1- Packing tool
  • 1- Cleaning Brush
  • 1- Charger
  • 1- User Manual

Product Description

The Atmos Transporter is a real high quality portable vaporizer that produces the highest quality vapor for users that love to vape on the go. With high grade ceramic chamber it is embed with a heating element that can vaporize any type of dry material. It almost looks like a flask and its external body is protected by scratch resistant anodized shell. The Transporter is one of the newest models for vaporizers and is very easy to use giving the person a good vaporization experience.

Heating Chamber

The chamber is high quality and is a true portable vaporizer. The “Embedded heating element means it isn’t exposed to heating coils. Instead the chamber is oven like which will get hot enough to cause the materials  to produce vapor through direct contact (conduction vaporizer). You’ll get thick, smooth vapor production.

Transporter Design

Very nice looking vaporizer will throw off any bystander that will try to watch a true vapor enthusiast enjoying their vapor session. It looks like a flask (purposely) and is a pretty cool high qualiy portable vaporizer.

The Bottom swivels out to reveal a heating chamber and top case unscrews to reveal the top piece. It is around 7.25 cubic inches (3.25 X 2.25 X 1), just weighs 6 ounces, device is small and lightweight to fit in your pocket or purse with no problems.

Using The Transporter

takes only 45 seconds for the chamber to heat up, when you’re ready you take a pull frequently as you wish. Odor isn’t existence. You get pretty thick clouds when you use the vaporizer that are easily visible.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 x 2.25 x 1 in

Orange, Silver


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