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Product info for the EZV Digi Vaporizermaterial

Product Description

E.Z.V. Digi Vaporizer is the perfect vaporizer for anyone that wants to vaporize material blends. It has a really cool design with high technology features. Temperature control with various setting to put on depending on the type of vaporizing session you want to have. You can change the settings to be able to induce a high concentration level and you’re able to adjust the settings to where it’ll heat up and you can vaporize within minutes of pressing the button. This type of box vaporizer is one of the greatest Desktop vaporizers out there for its price. It is close to the Easy Vape Digi and has a little bit more features to make it the more superior vaporizer. Since you are getting the best deals on our site, it wouldn’t hurt to try and purchase this beautiful vaporizer.

E.Z.V. Digi Vaporizer Features:
It has over-voltage protection so you won’t have to worry about power outages, great ventilation so the heat stays inside the system without exiting the vaporizer, improved high-quality ceramic heating element for better heating, on and off backlight switch making it easier to function the vaporizer.

Note: This product is intended for aromatherapy purposes only.

Additional Information


Black, Silver


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